2 Ton 2 Stage Tranquility 30 Digital Geothermal Heat Pump Review

ClimateMaster is one of the premier names in the geothermal heat pump business, and we would be remiss if we didn’t drag one of their products into one of our geothermal heat pump reviews. So, we’ll do that! Let’s talk about the Tranquility 30 geothermal heat pump. This is an expensive, high quality, energy efficient, and very reliable geothermal heating system.


  • ClimateMaster’s EarthPure HFC-410A refrigerant is eco-safe and comparable to R-410A.

  • Very high efficiency standards in varied applications.

  • Copeland UltraTech two-stage compressor ensures both long term reliability and the aforementioned energy efficiency savings.

  • Double isolation compressor mounting, discharge muffler, microprocessor controls, and bi-directional balanced port expansion valve refrigerant metering device.


  • As mentioned, the Tranquility 30 from ClimateMaster is not cheap. It’s expensive, but you do get quality and performance for your money.

Bottom Line

Should you buy the Tranquility 30 Digital Geothermal Heat Pump? There are other geothermal heat pump units on the market available at a lower prices with similar energy efficiency ratings. Now, that being said, the Tranquility 30 is a very, very good unit. It runs very quietly, operates reliably, and, since it’s a geothermal heat pump, will save most homeowners money. If it’s in your budget, it could be a valuable long term investment.

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