7 Facts About Geothermal Energy

earth's natural geothermal energy

An example of geothermal energy coming out of the Earth’s surface.


Below are 7 of the most interesting facts about Geothermal energy use. Geothermal energy is as old as the Earth we all know and love yet it hasn’t broken into the mainstream until recently with the “green movement”.


1. Geothermal energy is the most clean and green way to heat or cool your home. It uses no fossil fuels or dangerous chemicals and requires minimal maintenance to operate.


2. Heat from the Earth can also be used to create steam and produce electricity for a region just like a utility company today does. One day this will be mankind’s only option to heat and cool.


3. Currently in 2013, only 10% of the world’s energy is powered from the Earth using geothermal technology.


4. The first known power plant that produced its electricity from geothermal sources was built in 1904. Geothermal technology has been around for a long time, but because of the green movement and federal tax credits it is just now becoming mainstream.


5. In 2012 only six states actually had geothermal energy plants. Of those states, California had the most with 36 plants operating in 2012.


6. Geothermal energy is constantly produced by the Earth. It comes out of the Earth’s crust naturally in the form of volcanic activity or geysers.


7. By 2050 the United States is hoping to have 10% of domestic electricity powered from geothermal sources.


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