Aspen, Colorado Geothermal Project Changes Direction

Aspen CO

City leaders in Aspen, Colorado say that hired contractors will start drilling a new geothermal well again on Monday after the previous attempts have not worked.

Aspen’s city utility efficiency manager, Jeff Rice, told the Aspen Daily News that alluvial soil was crumbling and was causing problems with the current well. Well drilling crews plan to start a new hole approximately 20 feet away from the hole that isn’t working for them. City officials have said that the move will not affect the city’s budget for the geothermal drilling project.

The City of Aspen’s geothermal drilling project is estimated to cost $273,260 and began a few years ago in 2008. Located near Herron Park the new hole being drilled will have a casing to prevent it from caving in on itself like previous attempts have done.

As new information on the City of Aspen’s geothermal project becomes available we’ll keep you updated.

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