Bosch Greensource i Series BC Model Console Geothermal Heat Pump Review

Bosch-BC-ConsoleJust about every heating and cooling sales website on the Internet does their best to give their customers a lot of information about the HVAC products on display. Unfortunately, the average person does not know a lot about heating and air, so all that information is effectively worthless. What you need is someone to translate, and we’ll do just that in this geothermal heat pump review for the Bosch Greensource i Series BC Model Console.


Things you will like.

  • Geothermal heat pumps are expensive, but the Greensource i Series BC Model Console is less expensive than average. Paying less is typically preferable to paying more.

  • The BC Model Console can be a high performance, low cost solution to single- or dual-zone heating and cooling needs.

  • The unit features a pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet, washable aluminum mesh filter, coated evaporator coil. thermal expansion valve, stainless steel drain pan, and more.


  • This is not a high efficiency geothermal heat pump. If you’re trying to save as much money as you can on your annual utility expenses, then look elsewhere.

  • The warranty coverage, insulation, and basic components are subpar. The warranty is below the industry standard, the insulation does not suppress operating sound as much as in many other Bosch geosource systems, and the components were clearly chosen for low cost instead of quality.

Bottom Line

A geothermal unit like the Bosch Greensource i Series BC Model Console is definitely intended for a niche market (e.g. – hotels, apartments, senior living facility, etc). If you are not in that niche market, then you can definitely find something better.

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