Bosch SV-24 iSeries Greensource Heat Pump Review

The Bosch SV-24 iSeries Greensource Heat Pump is a German product manufactured in the United States for the American residential and commercial market. It’s a moderately priced single-stage water source heat pump specifically designed for replacement or retrofit applications. So, how good is it really?


  • Like all geothermal heating units, the SV-24 Greensource typically achieves operating efficiencies higher than the required legal standard. Plus, it can be an effective heat source in mild climates.

  • The SV-24 features a standard PSC motor, high and low pressure switches, dual density fiberglass insulation, a galvanized steel cabinet, and freeze protection on both the water coil and the evaporator coil.

  • This geothermal heat pump is not expensively priced, and will be available from most HVAC retailers for under $3000 USD.


  • The SV-24 is a good price, but there are numerous geothermal heat pump models in a similar financial range with superior efficiency ratings and features.

Bottom Line

Bosch promotes the SV-24 iSeries Greensource as a geothermal heat pump “for commercial retrofit and new construction applications.” If you need a replacement system, the SV-24 could be the right choice. However, the average homeowner can spend a little bit more for an arguably much better system. Basically, it’s a niche product, but a good one.

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