Daikin McQuay 4 Ton DC Inverter Geothermal Heat Pump Review

The modern consumer has an unprecedented level of choice when it comes to picking the right heating and air system to keep their home cool in summer and warm in winter. Previous generations were stuck with conventional air conditioners and fuel oil furnaces, but, fortunately, those days are long past. Now, consumers have access to quality HVAC systems like the Daikin McQuay 4 Ton DC Inverter Geothermal Heat Pump.


This Daikin McQuay geothermal heat pump system provides some real benefits to the average homeowner:

  • High energy efficiency ensures lower operating costs year round for greater savings on utility bills.

  • A typical geothermal heat pump is rated for decades, not years, of even operation, and superb systems like this one can last far longer. Many ground loop installations can work flawlessly for half a century or more!

  • Precise temperature and humidity control allow the consumer superior comfort without an increase in energy consumption. Basically, you get the air comfort you want without paying extra.

  • New decibel reduction techniques and improved operating insulation reduce overall noise, so you can relax more easily in your own home. It’s a great benefit for light sleepers too.


  • Geothermal heat pumps like the Daikin McQuay 4 Ton DC Inverter use cutting edge technology and innovative installation techniques that do not come cheaply. These are not low cost systems, but the benefits they provide over their long years of operation help cancel out the upfront costs.

Bottom Line

Is a geothermal heat pump like this one cheap? No, it is not. Is a geothermal heat pump like this one the best buy in a very crowded HVAC product market? Yes, it is.

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