FHP Console CA Model Water Source Heat Pump Review

WaterFurnace-CA-ConsoleHeating and air consoles are primarily designed for use in senior living centers, medical facilities, hotels, apartment complexes, and other commercial properties with numerous single- or dual-zone air control needs. There are numerous console manufacturers, and in this geothermal heat pump review we’ll examine the FHP Console CA Model Water Source Heat Pump.


  • The FHP Console CA is designed to provide ultra-efficient heating and cooling in limited access spaces. It uses a decentralized room terminal in conjunction with a closed-circuit piping loop that runs throughout the building infrastructure. It is ideal for buildings which lack a centralized duct system or where such additions would be impractical.

  • The Console CA’s double isolated compressor system reduces the operating noise level, and closed cell foam insulation below the compressor base makes it even quieter.

  • The geosource system also features blower inlet ring, sloped top cabinet, Schrader charging valves, galvanized steel cabinet, stainless steel drain pan, cupro-nickel coaxial heat exchanger, and other features.


  • Consoles like this one from FHP are designed for very specific environments with very specific needs. They are great for the job they’re designed to do, but not very useful in other applications.

Bottom Line

If you have a specific air control need for the FHP Console CA to fill, then it could be a solid buy. However, if you have the ability to install a conventional geosource system integrated with existing ductwork, that is a superior option.

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