FHP EC Model & Split Systems Water Source Heat Pump Review

FHP-EC-familyThe FHP EC Model & Split Systems Water Source Heat Pump is a complete heating and cooling system designed for commercial and light industrial applications. It is built for long term air control, can reduce annual energy consumption, and has numerous optional components that allow the end-user to customize the system to meet their specific HVAC needs.


Let’s go over the pros and cons in our geothermal heat pump review of the FHP EC Model & Split Systems.


  • FHP believes the EC Model and its split systems variant offers a solid combination of performance and energy efficiency. Since it’s a geothermal application, annual energy savings will typically be lower than with a conventional installation.

  • The EC Models feature dual-density fiberglass insulation, rubber grommet mounted compressors, and divider panels between the blower compartment and compressor section to reduce the overall noise level.

  • The unit is constructed with easy maintenance in mind. Technicians can service most systems from the front of the unit while the insulated bulkheads allow servicing even during operation.

  • The EC Models come with numerous optional features like closed-cell foam insulation, compressor blanket, and a cupro-nickel heat exchanger.


  • The FHP EC Models are well built, but they rely on a single-stage compressor. These work effectively, but they lack the long term reliability and superior energy efficiency capability of dual-stage compressors.

Bottom Line

The FHP EC Model & Split Systems Water Source Heat Pump is a flexible, medium range option for geosource applications. It’s a reliable heating and cooling system with real long term savings potential.

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