FHP ES Model Water Source Heat Pump Review

FHP-ES_SeriesEffectively managing your expenses is the key to any business venture. Unfortunately, too many business owners and commercial operators pay more than they have to for heating and cooling. Energy efficient HVAC systems like water source and geothermal heat pumps are an excellent way to reduce consumption, maintain air comfort, and shave operating expenses. If you’re a business owner interested in doing just, our geothermal heat pump reviews contain the information you need to make a more informed choice.


So, let’s talk about the FHP Commercial ES Model Geothermal Water-to-Air Heat Pump.


  • FHP’s ES Model is one of the more energy efficient geosource systems available for commercial applications. It uses a dual-stage UltraTech scroll compressor and an ECM fan to maximize comfort and savings. The UltraTech compressor is particularly useful, since dual-stage operation reduces energy consumption while increasing overall operating life.

  • The FHP ES Model also features a floating compressor base, closed-cell foam insulation, and an optional compressor blanket in order to reduce the operating decibel level. If you need to reduce noise as much as possible, the compressor blanket is an ideal upgrade.

  • The unit is housed in a galvanized steel cabinet to protect against corrosion, and also comes with a stainless steel drain pan and an optional. cupro-nickel heat exchanger.


  • Water source and geothermal heat pumps are not the cheapest heating and air units on the market, and may be outside of some business budgets.

Bottom Line

The FHP ES Model Water Source Heat Pump is an energy efficient and well built geosource system. It’s a good choice to reduce energy consumption, but is not the cheapest. Still, it’s a great choice to ensure long term savings.

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