FHP LM Model 2-Stage Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump Review

FHP-LM-SeriesReducing expenses is a great way to shore up the bottom line of any business. One way to do that is by relying on an energy efficient geothermal heat pump to take provide reliable air comfort, reduce energy consumption, and, of course, save money. If that sounds good to you, then our geothermal heat pump reviews are here to help.


Let’s examine the pros and cons of the FHP LM Model 2-Stage (Commercial) Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump.


  • This geosource unit from FHP is a high efficiency system that relies on dual-stage operation. Not only does this allow superior energy efficiency, but it also reduces wear and tear on the working components. That means fewer repair bills and a longer operating life.

  • The FHP LP Model 2-Stage is intended for commercial retrofit and new construction applications. It’s eco-friendly compared to previous generation systems, and uses dense, micromat fiberglass insulation to reduce the operating noise.

  • FHP is a veteran manufacturer in the geothermal heat pump industry, and uses rigorous factory testing procedures to ensure product quality.


  • There are few downsides to the FHP LP Model 2-Stage, but upfront cost could be on the list. No geothermal heat pump could be considered “cheap”, and the FHP LP Model is far from the lowest priced HVAC system on the market.

Bottom Line

If you’re building a new commercial space, the FHP LP Model 2-Stage Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump could be the unit you need to ensure reliable air comfort and energy savings. Again, it’s a substantial investment, so make sure it meets your budget expectations before you buy.

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