FHP LM Split Model Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump Review

FHP-LM_splitGeothermal heat pumps are growing in popularity among residential homeowners thanks to their superior energy efficiency ratings, long term reliability, and their lucrative tax credit incentives. However, geosource systems are a great buy for business owners interested in reducing their annual operating expenses.


Let’s find out more about one geo unit in particular, the FHP LM Split Model Geothermal Water Source, in this geothermal heat pump review.


  • The FHP LM Split Model is, as you might have noticed from the name, a split system unit. This allows flexibility and customization during installation. If you’re operating under tight space requirements, a split system may be exactly what you need.

  • The LM Split Model features a 2-stage scroll compressor and an ECM fan. The 2-stage compressor will increase the system’s operating life, reduce maintenance expenses, and provide superior energy efficiency. Meanwhile, the ECM fan allows the end-user to customize their air comfort experience while reducing total energy consumption.

  • Like most FHP geosource systems, the LM Split Model is heavily insulated and uses a unique floating base for the compressor mount in order to reduce overall operating noise.


  • Operating a water source heat pump requires substantial water piping or access to a buried closed loop in order to operate effectively. If you lack these features or find installing them too expensive, you may want to look elsewhere for your heating and cooling requirements.

Bottom Line

Thanks to its 2-stage compressor, ECM fan, and flexible split system design, the FHP LM Split Model Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump is a reliable choice for commercial air comfort needs. If you’re interested in carbon emissions reduction, long term energy savings, and solid heating and cooling, this may be the unit you want.

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