FHP LV Model (Commercial) Geothermal/Water Source Heat Pump Review

FHP-LV_SeriesBuilt specifically for the commercial market, the FHP LV Model Geothermal/Water Source Heat Pump could be an ideal system when it comes to maintaining high air comfort for employees and customers. The unit is reliable, reasonably energy efficient for commercial-grade geosource systems, and not overpriced for its intended marketplace.


So, let’s dig into the details in our geothermal heat pump review.


  • The FHP LV Model comes standard with a compact cabinet designed to fit most commercial spaces. This is a great features, since space can be at a premium in a crowded work environment.

  • The system is built for operation with both water loop and geothermal applications. This flexibility allows the end-user more choice in how they heat and cool their spaces.

  • A unique sound package reduces operating noise, since a relatively peaceful workplace is something we all want.

  • The FHP LV could be ideal for a business looking to shrink its carbon footprint in line with government regulations or corporate eco-goals. Higher efficiency products reduce energy consumption which in turn reduces total carbon emissions.


  • The FHP LV Model Geothermal/Water Source Heat Pump does not come with bells and whistles. It’s a workhorse unit designed to do its job well, but there’s not a lot of extras to really push it past its competitors.

  • This is a product built for commercial spaces, and its lower energy efficiency compared to many residential systems mean it is not a good choice for homeowners.

Bottom Line

This is a very acceptable geothermal/water source heat pump when it comes to serving the commercial market. If that’s the air control gap you need to fill, you may want to consider this unit for your next office improvement.

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