FHP MC Model Large Capacity Water Source Heat Pump Review

FHP-MC-SeriesHeating and cooling a large commercial warehouse or industrial space is much easier said than done. Insulation levels can vary drastically between properties, and, of course, it is much harder to effectively control the temperature in a large open area. Large capacity HVAC systems are needed, and these can be very expensive to operate. One solution is to invest in energy efficient geothermal heat pump technology.


We’ve prepared geothermal heat pump reviews exactly like this one in order to help you decide which geosource system could serve your needs.


Let’s go over the ups and downs of the FHP MC Model Large Capacity Water Source Heat Pump.


  • The MC Model Large Capacity is designed for operation in large environments. It can be easily disassembled for transport, re-assembled on site, and, of course, can produce a large amount of conditioned air.

  • This geosource system comes with the standard features you would expect on a geothermal unit like a scroll compressor, variable air volume control, and heavy-duty construction.

  • Closed-cell foam insulation for quieter running and hot gas reheat (HGR) for additional temperature and humidity control are both available as optional upgrades.


  • The FHP MC Model Large Capacity is a geosource system built with a specific market niche: large scale heating and cooling. If you don’t need something this big, there is absolutely no reason to invest in this unit.

  • As you might expect, this unit is not on the cheap side, but there’s really no way to cheaply cool a large industrial area.

Bottom Line

When you absolutely must have reasonably efficient heating and cooling for a commercial or industrial site, the FHP MC Model Large Capacity Water Source Heat Pump could be a real option.

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