FHP WW Model Commercial Geothermal Heat Pumps Review

FHP-WW-SeriesThe average heating and air system operating on the market today is intended to function for years without the need for replacement. When it comes to choosing a piece of technology you may rely on for the next decade or so you need to make sure you have enough information to make as educated a decision as possible.


And that’s why we do geothermal heat pump reviews like this one of the FHP WW Model Commercial Water-to-Air Large Capacity Heat Pump.


Let’s dig into the details.


  • The FHP WW Model is designed for the needs of a commercial space. It comes in multiple sizes, is equipped with a single- or dual-stage compressor dependent on the specific model, and two-stage refrigerant circuits for water-cooled modular reverse cycle chiller applications.

  • FHP believes that the WW Model’s design will allow it to easily replace older chiller units thanks to its modular design. That’s sure to help new installations as well, since the ability to make the unit meet local demands is always welcome.

  • The best feature of the FHP WW Model is two-stage compressor on certain capacities. A two-stage compressor is a far superior choice thanks to its increased reliability and superior energy efficiency.


  • While the FHP WW Models with dual-stage compressor technology are great, the units operating only a single-stage will suffer reduced energy efficiency compared to their sibling units.

  • This is a commercial grade system designed mainly for use in hydronic heating and geosource applications. If you have other needs, look elsewhere.

Bottom Line

The FHP WW Model Commercial Water-to-Air Large Capacity Heat Pump is a geosource system intended to be flexible, but still targeted towards a specific market niche. It does what it does very well, and could be a good buy for commercial property managers.

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