GeoCool 4 Ton Horizontal 2 Stage Geothermal Heat Pump

2 stage geothermal heat pump

GeoCool just came out with a brand new 2 stage geothermal heat pump system. It uses a lot of the features you would expect to find on a geothermal system, but the GeoCool 2 stage, obviously, features a dual-stage compressor and a few extra bits and pieces we’re excited to talk about.


  •  Two dollars is better than a buck, and a 2 stage compressor is way better than any 1 stage machine. Why is that? It seems counter intuitive, but a compressor suffers the most mechanical wear and tear when it starts and stops. Dual stage operation allows the compressor to operate a single stage at a lower operational capacity for a longer period of time. It can activate the second stage when needed, but the ability to run long and low means there is less strain on the system over the long term. As you probably already figured out, this is a great way to prevent breakdown.
  • Obviously, you need conditioned air to stay comfortable. What you might not realize is how big a factor humidity plays, not in raw temperature, but in overall comfort level. The GeoCool 4 ton horizontal 2-stage geothermal heat pump features a special humidity sensor. If the system detects abnormally high humidity levels, the unit will run the unit on low speed to reduce humidity while maintaining the interior temperature you desire. This means you’ll feel better without paying more to lower the actual temperature of your home.


  •  The biggest downside of any 2 stage geothermal heat pump or otherwise in September 2015 is that we only have a little over a year before the renewable energy tax credit runs out in 2016. Yeah, this is a huge bummer for all of us. Maybe Congress will get off its bum and extend the credit, but don’t gets your hopes up. Those guys work like 12 days a year. Maybe.
  • Honestly? This 2 stage geothermal heat pump doesn’t have a lot of downsides. The dual stage makes it better than most single stage units, and it’s not grossly overpriced.

What’s the 2 stage geothermal heat pump bottom line?

We think this is a great buy for anyone interested in a geothermal heat pump. If you want pricing information, check with an online vendor. It’s an awesome unit.

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