GeoCool GCHP-1060-V 5 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump Review

When you evaluate the best modern heating and cooling system on energy efficiency and reliability, traditional air conditioners come out a loser. Who’s the big winner? Units like the GeoCool GCHP-106-V 5 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump produce excellent air comfort, can operate effectively for years, and typically reduce homeowner energy consumption by a very broad margin.


  • The GeoCool GCHP-1060-V is made in the USA and eligible for a Geothermal Tax Credit worth up to 30% thanks to the 2009 Stimulus Package. This means you can feel good about your purchase while you save on your taxes.

  • This geothermal heat pump, like most, is Energy Star rated and eco-friendly. It does not produce any ozone-damaging pollutants like previous generation air conditioners were known to cause.

  • The GCHP-1060-V achieves one of the highest energy efficiency ratings in its class. Unless your situation is extraordinary, this unit will save you money every year.

  • This GeoCool comes with a stainless steel cabinet, scroll compressor, high efficiency motor, diagnostic center, and cupro-nickel coil. It also features a compact footprint and is built for quiet operation.


  • Geothermal heat pumps aren’t for everyone. Consumers who live in dense urban areas may lack the space on their property for proper installation.

  • Most geothermal heat pumps cost more upfront than a standard air conditioner, but tax credits and long term savings tend to ameliorate these factors.

Bottom Line

The GeoCool GCHP-1060-V 5 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump is an excellent system, and will be a real bargain for many homeowners. If you’re interested in long term efficiency, regular annual savings, and true air comfort, then a geothermal heat pump like this one is what you want.

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