GeoCool GCHP-1072-V Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Review

Any small or large business follows the same principle: minimize costs, maximize profits. A lot of new business owners don’t think about it, but annual heating and cooling costs that run out of control will seriously hamper your bottom line. Fortunately, a GeoCool GCHP-1072-V Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump is specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency, reduce annual costs, and provide the best air comfort that modern technology can produce.


  • High quality cupro nickel coil to reduce long term corrosion and maximize operating heat transfer.

  • Low and high pressure cut-out switches along with a solid state lock-out switch.

  • Enhanced humidity removal mode which is ideal in climates with severe moisture problems either seasonally or year round.

  • Insulated stainless steel cabinet and drain pan.

  • Test mode, LPS bypass timer, diagnostic LED display, Intelligent auto-reset function, fault memory indication, under/over voltage protection, anti-short and random star delay, and more.


  • Geothermal heat pumps like the GeoCool GCHP-1072-V Commercial unit are a substantial investment. These are not cheap systems, because, as they say regularly in the business world, “You get what you pay for.”

  • Depending on the installation area available, a geothermal heat pump may not work well for all business operations. Plenty of space is necessary for a geothermal heat pump to operate effectively.

Bottom Line

When it comes to cutting costs a geothermal heat pump like this one from GeoCool can be a substantial way to reduce operating investment over the long term. A geothermal heat pump will provide great air comfort without requiring as much energy to function effectively as previous generation, traditional heating and air systems.

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