GeoCool GCHP-1184-V Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Review

Any wise business owner is always looking for a way to minimize their monthly operating costs. After all, the less you spend on keeping your business functional, the more you have for future expansion and, of course, profits. With this in mind, let’s talk about the GeoCool GCHP-1184-V Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump.


  • The GeoCool GCHP-1184-V is a geothermal heat pump designed for high intensity commercial operation. It will provide great air comfort quality for your employees and your customers. Best of all, a geothermal heat pump operates at a high energy efficiency that allows you to reduce your monthly utility costs.

  • The GCHP-1184-V features a cupro nickel coil with an insulated stainless steel cabinet and matching drain pan. This features resist corrosion which means your investment lasts years longer than with a competing system.

  • Excellent features like the LPS bypass timer, LED diagnostics, fault memory indicator, voltage protection, anti-short and random start delay, and others protect the GCHP-1184-V from some of the common problems a geothermal heat pump might encounter during the course of its operation.


  • Any good central heating and air system is a substantial investment of business capital and time. Like a lot of geothermal heat pumps, the GeoCool GCHP-1184-V is not a cheap, low cost system. It is expensive, but the quality you get for your dollar will pay off over the long term.

Bottom Line

Any business with space requirements suitable for geothermal heat pump operation should invest in a commercial unit like the GeoCool GCHP-1184-V. The long term efficiency increase and annual energy savings more than make up for the high dollar initial investment, and can even qualify a business for energy efficiency tax savings and credits.

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