GeoCool GCHP-1240-V 20 Ton Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Review

GeoCool-Commercial_FilterSide-iconsGeothermal heating is a growing force in the domestic residential market, but the commercial sector is a growing source of business for heat pump manufacturers. The GeoCool GCHP-1240-V 20 ton commercial geothermal heat pump was designed with the bulk capacity necessary to heat and cool larger commercial and industrial facilities while still maintaining high energy efficiency and performance.


  • The GCHP-1240-V is not a residential geothermal heating unit writ large for commercial needs, but a system purpose built for such applications.

  • Cupro nickel coil, low and high pressure cut-out switches, insulation in the cabinet and drain pan, enhanced humidity removal mode, LED diagnostics, voltage protection, and more.

  • This unit can be installed in water loop, ground water, or ground loop applications, and will operate effectively in all of them.

  • 10 year warranty on the compressor and a 5 year warranty on all original parts.


  • The GeoCool GCHP works best when installed on a ground water application, but this is not a viable option for many commercial interests due to municipal ordinances restricting such emissions.

Bottom Line

A commercial system like the GeoCool GCHP is built for a niche market need, and it meets that need very well. If you’re a business that needs substantial heating and cooling capacity, this could be the unit you need for your next construction project.

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