GeoCool WTW024-A 2 Ton Water-to-Water Geothermal Heat Pump Review

Water-to-water geothermal heating units like the WTW024-A from GeoCool can provide substantial annual savings while they heat and cool. Like all GeoCool products, this 2 ton geothermal unit is reasonably priced and built to last. It’s also packed with great features.


  • Compact footprint allows the WTW024-A to be installed in numerous locations which might be too small to accommodate larger, conventional HVAC system.

  • Like most modern geothermal systems, the GeoCool WTW24-A produces minimal emissions thanks to chlorine-free R-410A.

  • This is, obviously, a geothermal system, so efficiency is high compared to a typical air conditioner or electric heater.


  • This is a water-to-water heat pump, so you need to live near a substantial body of water or have access to a deep well to get the most from the system. If you don’t have either of these, a water-to-water heat pump may not be an optimum choice.

Bottom Line

The GeoCool WTW024-A 2 ton Water-to-Water geothermal heat pump is a solid system, ideal for homeowners who live near a pond or a lake. If you’re upgrading from a traditional air conditioner, you will see real money savings year after year. This could be the system you need to save without sacrifice.

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