Geothermal Heat Pump Warranty – What You Can Expect

geothermal heat pump warranty

A geothermal heat pump is an investment you make now to pay off in the long run. These machines are expensive, sophisticated and advanced. They cost right now, but promise such energy savings that they make sense to install. Of course, no one wants to take advantage of this promise, then be stuck with a machine that breaks down a few short years into operation. That’s why when you consider which geothermal heat pump is right for your home, you must take into consideration the warranty protection the company is offering.

Luckily, warranty protection in the geothermal heat pump market is pretty good. The machines are reliable enough that a lot of companies are comfortable offering warranty protection they wouldn’t for less technologies. Still, there are a few things you should know.

1. This is a long term investment. A geothermal heat pump will pay off its installation costs in 3 to 10 years. At minimum, expect limited warranty protection for at least a decade. Most manufacturers provide at least that.

2. A lifetime compressor warranty is not uncommon. The compressor is the heart of the heat pump and without it nothing else works. If you can find a deal with a lifetime compressor, then you are already ahead of the curve.

3. Aside from the lifetime compressor warranty, the next best thing is a 10 Year Unit Replacement Warranty. If something goes wrong in the first decade, then the company replaces the entire unit. That’s great protection.

Of course, if you get all three in a single geothermal heat pump warranty, then you have a good deal on your hands.

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