McQuay Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump 5 Ton


Product Features:

  • High EER promotes low operating costs and may qualify for rebates
  • R-410A refrigerant with no ozone depletion potential and no phase out date
  • Standard or geothermal application flexibility
  • Easy, low cost design and installation
  • Superior indoor air quality and quiet operation
  • Easy, low cost maintenance and service
  • Flexible control options include standalone or network operation using LonTalk® , LONMARK® or Alerton BACnet® communications
  • Performance rated with ISO Standard 13256-1

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Latest Comments
  1. Wilson Echols

    I currently have a Carrier 3 1/2 ton water source heat pump on my houseboat. It has lasted 5 years and now the heat exchanger is leaking. This is my second unit and both have failed the same way. The heat exchanger for the 3.5 ton unit is suppose to be a cupro-nickle. Needles to say I have been very disappointed in this and the previous unit. Each unit was approximately the same size and was hung in a horizontal position. Do you have a unit that can replace the one I have? The model of the current unit is 50PCH042DLJ30110. Horizontal Puron Single-Stage water source heat pump. 1350 CFM 208/230-1-60
    Wilson Echols
    678 450-0035

    • Kyle Davis

      I’m sure we can find you a great replacement! Someone will follow up with you today.

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