McQuay International VFW-1036 3 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump Review

Buying a house is the American dream. Unfortunately, the hidden costs when it comes to maintaining your own home can turn the dream into a nightmare. One such expense that too many homeowners don’t consider is annual energy consumption. The more you use, the more you pay, but no one wants to be without modern air comfort. Fortunately, a geothermal heat pump like the McQuay International VFW-1036 3 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump will deliver reliable modern heating and air while minimizing annual utility costs.


  • Geothermal heat pumps use buried heat in order to increase their operating efficiency. This allows homeowners to reduce the amount of energy they buy every year without sacrificing the air comfort they’ve come to enjoy.

  • The VFW-1036 3 Ton is packed with great features like a high efficiency compressor, sturdy cabinet, flexible installation capability, and quality components.

  • To protect an investment like the VFW-1036 long term, a good warranty is required. This geothermal heat pump comes with a 5-Year All Parts Warranty and 10-Year Compressor Warranty, so you can rest assured your purchase will operate reliably for years to come.


  • Geothermal heat pumps operate best as part of a traditional residential home. They require ample space around the exterior of the house for the subterranean closed loop or easy access to a fresh, non-polluted water source.

Bottom Line

The McQuay International VFW-1036 3 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump is a quality heating and air conditioning system manufactured by one of the most reliable names in the HVAC industry. It will fit the needs of most homeowners and provide years of energy efficiency savings.

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