McQuay International WRA-1048 Water-to-Water Geothermal Heat Pump Review

If you get a chance, it’s always good to pick the brain of your local HVAC professional. Ask them about the most energy efficient and long term way to heat and cool the average home, and they’ll probably answer, “A geothermal heat pump.” If they give you a different answer, they’re probably an alien sent to steal our precious bodily fluids.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at the McQuay International WRA-1048 Water-to-Water Geothermal Heat Pump.


  • The WRA-1048 water-to-water geothermal heat pump is a 48,000 but water source heat pump. When installed as part of a ground water energy system, vertical energy system, horizontal closed loop, or pond/lake closed loop the WRA-1048 geothermal heat pump is going to deliver real energy efficiency savings all year long.

  • When it comes to air comfort, a geothermal heat pump like this one will deliver similar performance to a traditional air conditioner or furnace. However, a properly fitted system will also effectively control humidity too.

  • The WRA-1048 enjoys a 5-Year All Parts Warranty and a 10-Year Compressor Warranty. Since the compressor is the beating heart of any geothermal heat pump system, the decade of protection on the compressor provides real peace of mind.


  • There are multiple kinds of geothermal energy system installations, but they all require substantial capacity for installation. This units will simply not function in a compact apartment or dense urban area.

Bottom Line

Modern heating and cooling systems like the McQuay International WRA-1048 Water-to-Water Geothermal Heat Pump are the cutting edge of energy efficiency and air comfort. There are certainly cheaper heating and cooling solutions, but there are few that deliver the same performance and long term financial return.

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