WaterFurnace 3 Series 300A11 Geothermal Heat Pump Review

WaterFurnace-3-Series-300A11Installing a geothermal heat pump into your home is a great way to enjoy terrific air comfort and save money. Unlike conventional air conditioners, a geothermal heat pump can heat, cool, and will reduce electricity consumption at the same time. Some homeowners can reduce their utility bill by up to 70% per year when they rely on geosource technology.


Choosing the right geothermal unit is easier said than do, but our geothermal heat pump reviews are here to give you a short overview of popular geosource systems.


Let’s take a look inside the 3 Series 300A11 Geothermal Heat Pump from WaterFurnace.


  • Efficiency is key in any geosource unit, and the 3 Series 300A11 does well with a 22.3 EER and 4.1 COP. These ratings are far better than previous generation air conditioners and electric heating units.

  • The 3 Series 300A11 is designed for use with R-410A refrigerant, an eco-safe alternative to previous generation coolants. This is good, since regulations require chlorine-free solutions like R-410A in new residential systems.

  • The 3 Series 300A11 is very, very reasonably priced compared to many other geothermal heat pump systems. If you’re trying to maximize your energy savings without overpaying, that’s a nice feature.


  • The 3 Series 300A11 definitely lacks the bells and whistles you would find on other geothermal heat pumps. This may be a deciding factor for some homeowners.

Bottom Line

The WaterFurnace 3 Series 300A11 Geothermal Heat Pump is a basic geosource system with average efficiency ratings and a low price tag. If you want maximum energy efficiency, you want something other than the 3 Series.

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