WaterFurnace 5 Series 502W12 Hydronic Heat Pump Review

WaterFurnace-5-Series-502W12Geosource technology is growing in popularity thanks to its low energy consumption and great air production. If you’re interested in using a geothermal heat pump or hydronic system in your home, you need to have the information necessary to make an informed purchase. Fortunately, our geothermal heat pump review blog will, hopefully, give you the best information available.


Let’s talk about the WaterFurnace 5 Series 502W12 Hydronic Heat Pump.


  • WaterFurnace designed the 5 Series 502W12 as a geothermal hydronic solution to conventional boiler replacement. If you currently operate a low efficiency hot water boiler, the 5 Series 502W12 may be a good replacement.

  • The 5 Series 502W12 will typically achieve an EER of 19.0 and a COP of 3.5 during normal operating parameters.

  • The unit is ideal for baseboard radiator systems, underfloor radiant heating applications, overfloor radiant, and fan coils.


  • Homeowners without an existing radiant heating application or plans to install one will find little use for a hydronic system like the 5 Series 502W12. It’s good at what it does, but what it does is a very specific application niche.

Bottom Line

The WaterFurnace 5 Series 502W12 Hydronic Heat Pump is a good way to utilize geosource fundamentals if you already have radiant or hydronic technology operating in your home. However, by their very nature, these applications are less energy efficient than a more traditional geothermal heat pump system, so be aware of the trade of you would be making.

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