WaterFurnace Envision Series Air Handler Review

WaterFurnace-Envision-SeriesOur main goal here is to provide our readers with information about geosource technology through our geothermal heat pump review blog and geotech articles. Today, we’ll take a look at the Envision Series Air Handler from WaterFurnace, which is, obviously, not a geothermal heat pump. However, WaterFurnace designed the Envision Series Air Handler to operate specifically with their geothermal heat pump units, so we think it’s useful our readers learn about these systems as well.


  • The Envision Series Air Handler from WaterFurnace is available in a variety of capacities with a built-in option for a refrigerant/hydronic coil. This allows the Series to configure well with WaterFurnace’s whole line of geothermal heat pumps.

  • The Envision Series uses a variable-speed ECM fan motor to maximize air comfort and energy efficiency. Motors like this are a superior choice for HVAC fan systems.

  • The units also typically feature a compact cabinet for flexible installation, field adjustable configurations, slide-out blower assembly, factory-installed TXV, stainless steel drain pan, and an optional electric heat kit.


  • The Envision Series Air Handler is a good choice if you intend to pair it with another WaterFurnace geosource product. Pairing it with a non-WaterFurnace system may lead to problems, since not all air handlers will configure well with other HVAC units. You should always strive to ensure your main HVAC system, geothermal heat pump or not, and your air handling unit share the same manufacturer.

Bottom Line

This is a pretty straightforward review. If you’re using a WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump and you need a separate air handling unit, then use an Envision Series Air Handler. It’s fairly decent at what it does. If you’re using a geosource system from another manufacturer, make sure you pair that product with an air handler from the same producer.

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