WaterFurnace Envision Series NSW Hydronic Heat Pump Review

WaterFurnace-Envision-nswThe modern HVAC marketplace is all about options, options, and more options. If you’re trying to decide on what system for your family, especially when it comes to geothermal heat pumps and related technologies, you need information you can count on.


That’s where we come in.


Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the WaterFurnace Envision Series NSW Hydronic Heat Pump in another geothermal heat pump review.


  • A hydronic heat pump can be a good fit for a number of different operating applications, and the Envision Series NSW is no different. It can be configured for pool or spa heating, radiant floor heating, aquaculture, process water installation, and snow melt. It can also function in a heating only application, cooling only, dual heating and cooling, and is field convertible for chilled water application.

  • The Envision Series NSW has a wide range of operating temperatures, a compact footprint to simplify installation, and a reversible control box and piping.

  • The Envision Series NSW uses advanced microprocessor technology to accurately control the pump and compressor depending on the temperature of entering water. This system allows the controller to accurately and easily adjust temperatures.

  • A heavy-gauge steel cabinet and a corrosion-resistant coat prevent long term corrosion, and the Envision Series NSW also sports a scroll compressor, R-410A refrigerant, and oversized heat exchanger.


  • The Envision Series NSW achieves an EER of 17.5 and a COP of 3.1. The COP is not bad, but there are many hydronic heating and geosource systems available that can far surpass the 17.5 EER.

  • Many American households do not use radiant floor or hydronic heating applications, so the Envision Series NSW will be of limited appeal to many homeowners in wide areas of the country.

Bottom Line

The WaterFurnace Envision Series NSW is a middle-of-the-road hydronic heating system with some good features, but underperforms in terms of overall energy efficiency. Still, if you use the applications that the Envision Series was designed for, you may find use for this system.

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